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By Ruth (Ed. ) Berolzheimer

This booklet will convey the best way to use everything-throw away nothing-and offer you stable, tasty, healthy nutrients.

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We would question goal orientation entirely because we do not see the logic of the Great Human Project beyond the local, or the individual. The Project has been the source of great suffering. Mostly the suffering of forcing young people off to war or work or whatever. 47 Not a critique We are all philosophers. We have an unquenchable curiosity about the world and our relationship to it. This curiosity isn’t objective, and surely not rational. It is a painful thing, a burden, and one of the few things I share with the bureaucrats and tyrants who freely roam the earth.

But it’s a confusion. Criticism is not thinking. It’s not the only way to evaluate the world. It is not critical of itself. It is a particular metaphysical project: perhaps a Hegelian one, possibly one that has been thrust out of the earth by Plato & Socrates. Either way, we aren’t compelled to obey it nor forced to rest atop it. IX The critique of critique is the gap between what we need and what we can get. If criticism is the razor’s edge cutting through what remains of our uncivilized selves then its criticism could very well be the simple act of putting the knife down.

We will find him in the various cafes, restaurants, theaters, balls, concerts, and the like. Death to the bourgeois! Always, wherever he may be, he will be overtaken by an anarchist’s bomb or bullet (Avrich 48). It should come as no surprise that the individuals within the Black Banner meant what they said. In November and December of 1905 the Black Banner took responsibility for bombing a bourgeois hotel in Warsaw and a cafe in Odessa, catching the imagination of other anarchists committed to bezmotivniki activity.

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