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By Waltraud M. Kriven

This booklet presents a state of the art selection of papers provided on the 66th convention on Glass difficulties on the college of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in October of 2005. 

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At present, when the glass production needs to produce products of consistent excellent glass quality at high yield and low energy usage, it is almost impossible to control the production manually. Therefore a group of advanced control techniques was developed for an automatic control. One of commonly used is Model (based) Predictive Control (MPC). Correct using of MPC together with knowledge of glass production results in process stabilization, increasing glass quality and energy savings. Glass Service has developed the software package Expert System ES-Ill entirely determined for the control of a glass production process.

T. Sano. and 2. Kozuka. “Activities of Oxygen in Liquid Hi, Sn and Ge from Electrochemical Measurements” Me/u/l. Trans. B 12B 427-433 (I 981). S. Shih, K. W. Liang. Ni and Sn”Z. MetuUkd. 72(’1) 512-516(1981). 66th Conference on Glass Problems . H. Muijsenberg***, G. N e V * Josef MUller*, J. Chmelar', R. Bodit, F. nl ABSTRACT Energy prices keep increasing, so glass producers are looking for any solution improving energy efficiency of the glass making. At the same moment glass producers are convinced about the advantages of advanced control systems.

Mof') AGrI(T) has been calculated from the G(T) tables of reaction components Ni(s) [I], NiO(s) [2] and 02(g) [3]. T Eq. 2b Substitution of Equations 2a and 2b in Equalion 1 and writing the equilibrium partial oxygen pressure of the tin bath as an explicit function of the measured parameters (ernfand temperature), results in the following expression for the oxygen activity of the tin bath: In(pOz(tin))= 464 I 8. 553 Eq. 3 Sievert's law, describing the dissolution of a gas in a molten metal, relates the equilibrium partial oxygen pressure of the tin melt to the amount of oxygen dissolved in the tin melt according to: 0 2 (g) f 2 0 (tin) Reaction 2 with : Eq.

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