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By Moulavi Geragh Ali

In publishing this paintings, my leader item is to take away the final and misguided influence from the minds of eu and Christian writers relating to Islam, that Mohammad waged wars of conquest, extirpation, in addition to of proselytizing opposed to the Koreish, different Arab tribes, the Jews, and Christians; that he held the Koran in a single hand and the scimitar within the different, and forced humans to think in his project. i've got endeavoured during this e-book, i feel on enough grounds, to teach that neither the wars of Mohammad have been offensive, nor did he in anyway use strength or compulsion within the subject of trust. ** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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The expulsion of the Bani Nazeer ib. 85. Their fruit-trees were not cut down 109 86. Females and the treaty of Hodeibia 110 87. Stanley defended 111 88. Marriage a strict bond of union 113 The Popular Jihád. 89. The Koran enjoins only defensive wars 114 90. The Mohammadan Common Law and the Jihád 116 91. When is Jihád a positive injunction ib. 92. The Hedáya quoted and refuted 117 93. Rule of interpretation 118 94. The Common Law and its commentators 119 95. Kifáya quoted 120 96. Further quotations 121 97.

The Koreish again commit hostilities and violate their pledges. War declared against those who had violated the truce. 11. This truce did not last long. The last act of hostility on the part of the aggressive Koreish was the violation of the truce within two years of its being concluded. This resulted in the submission of Mecca. [18] The aggressed Moslems appealed for aid to Mohammad through a deputation, that displayed their wrongs to Mohammad and his followers in very touching terms, urging in a plaintive tone to avenge them upon the treacherous murderers.

The Medinite Suras. 22. The Cow or Heifer, II, 215 182 23. Al Amran, III, 136 ib. 24. The Spoils, VIII, 73 183 25. Ibid. 75 ib. 26. Ibid. 76 ib. 27. The Cattle, VI, 109 ib. 28. Mohammad, XLVII, 33 184 29. Battle Array, LXI, 11 ib. 30. Woman. IV. 97 185 31. Light. XXIV, 52 ib. 32. The Forbidding. LXVI, 9 ib. 33. The Immunity. IX, 74 186 36. The Tried, LX, 1 187 35. Hatib's Story 188 36. The Apartment, XLIX, 15 ib. 37. The Immunity, IX, 16 ib. 38. Ibid. 19 ib. 39. Ibid, 20 189 40. Ibid, 24 ib. 41.

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