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By Hans Joachim Deeg M.D., Hans-Georg Klingemann M.D., Gordon L. Phillips M.D. (auth.)

In the past due Forties investigators saw that mice given supralethai doses of overall physique irradiation have been secure by way of infusion of potential spleen or marrow cells following irradiation, and that this used to be entire through hemopoietic reconsti­ tution with donor cells as confirmed utilizing genetic markers. If the same method might be utilized to people, it's going to be attainable to regard leukemia sufferers with any dose of chemoradiotherapy so far as nonmarrow toxicity accepted, after which rescue them by means of marrow transplantation. Early medical makes an attempt have been gen­ erally unsuccessful, ordinarily as a result of an absence of information of histocompatibility antigens and applicable supportive care. those parts built particularly fast in the course of the Nineteen Sixties, and for nearly 20 years now medical marrow transplan­ tation has been conducted with expanding good fortune. After before everything utilizing in basic terms bone marrow from HLA indentical siblings, the sphere has extended speedily to include HLA nonidentical comparable donors, and lately even marrow from unrelated volunteer donors. moreover, considering that for various sufferers who oth­ erwise may gain advantage from transplantation a donor can't be pointed out, there was a starting to be curiosity in utilizing the patient's personal (autologous) bone marrow. Our knowing of the foundations of transplantation and our wisdom of the capability hazards and merits have quick grown. now and then it really is tough, notwithstanding, to make a decision what's the best choice for a given patient.

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The referring physician plays a key role in preparing a potential patient and donor for marrow transplantation. , unusual family interactions) that could have bearing on the case. If the referring physician and the Transplant Team decide to proceed with a formal evaluation, it is most helpful if the physician transmits to the Team the patient's complete medical history as weil as initial histocompatibility data. However, certain Transplant Centers prefer to perform some or all of the histocompatibility studies themselves, and it is important to be aware of this to avoid expensive duplication.

Occasionally typing of children mayaiso be useful. The decision as to who else in the family should be typed must be arrived at after a discussion with an expert in an HLA laboratory, ideally at a bone marrow transplant facility. Although most transplants carried out and reported to date have involved an HLA identical donor, the possibility of marrow transplantation should not be 'dismissed immediately if no HLA identical family member can be found. The number of HLA nonidentical transplants carried out at various centers is growing rapidly.

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