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By Robert Albritton

A detailing of the consequences of Kozo Uno's political and monetary conception. attempts to provide an explanation for the humanistic capability of Marxist thought.

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18 Only by adopting the point of view of the seller are we adopting a point of view that can develop into an adequate conception of capital by developing the form of value. Value only concerns the seller since to him his commodity is useless, while use-value 'is not simply the use-value of an object of consumption, but a use-value from the point of view of the purchaser of the commodity which still belongs to its seller'. 2o For this reason Uno and Sekine substitute 'I am willing to exchange 20 yards of linen for one coat', for the expression '20 yards of linen = one coat', because this latter expression makes it seem that an exchange has actually taken place.

One reason that Marx included so much historical material was that he very much wanted Capital to be as readable and accessible as possible. 43 For this reason he felt compelled to include a historical chapter on 'Primitive Accumulation' at the end of Volume I of Capital. 45 Marx saw his theoretical object as being in some sense the inner logic, inner nature, inner essence, inner organization or necessary inner connections of capital in general. His aim was to present a complete theory of the law of value, and this he more or less accomplished; but where he remained completely vague was on the relation between the law of The UnoJSekine Approach and Marx 31 value and history.

Because Marx's understanding of the relation between the law of value and history was not well worked out, he fell back on the use of metaphors and vague expressions and failed to achieve a determinant theoretical conceptualization. 'The theory of a purely capitalist society' and 'levels of analysis' are determinant concepts that can solve the problems Marx was wrestling with in a way that is most in keeping with his aim to construct a scientifically adequate theory of political economy. In this chapter I shall move from the focus on the relation between the logical and historical to a focus on the law of value itself.

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