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By Roland Barthes

A Lover’s Discourse, at its 1978 ebook, used to be innovative: Roland Barthes made exceptional use of the instruments of structuralism to discover the whimsical phenomenon of affection. wealthy with references starting from Goethe’s Werther to Winnicott, from Plato to Proust, from Baudelaire to Schubert, A Lover’s Discourse artfully attracts a portrait within which each reader will locate echoes of themselves.

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Mine? )) within me. (( All the delights of the earth" earth" Cl comblement / fulfi llment fulfillment subject insistently posits the desire and the The subject possibility of a complete satisfaction of the desire implicated in the amorous relation and of a perfect and virtually virtually eternal success of this relation: paradisiac image of the Sovereign Good, to be given and to be received. Ruysbroeck Ru ysbroeck Ruysbroeck etymology el)'lllo1 o~y '"Now, 1. 1 this ll be as nothing to the delight of which I man-all thi s wi will speak.

Now, whatever the power of love, this does not occur: II am moved, anguished, for it is horrible to see those one One loves remain suffering, but at the same time I rema in dry, watertight. My identification is imperfect: IJ am a Mother (the other causes me concern), conce rn ) , but an insufficient Mother; Mot her; II bestir myself too much, in proportion to the profound reserve in which, actually, I1 remain. remain . For at the same time that II "sincerely" identify myself with the ot other's "sincercJy" her's misery, what I read in th this misery is that it occurs without is withollt me, and that by being miserable by himself, the other abandons me: if he suffers without my being the cause o[ of his suffering, sufferi ng, it is because I don't count for him: his suffe suffering ring annuls ann uls me insofar as it constitutes him outside of myself.

Je catastrophe I/ catastrophe 5ubject, Violent crisis during which the subject, experiencing the amorous situation as a definitive impasse, a trap from which he can never escape, sees himself doomed to total destruction. Mile de Lespinasse Lespin:lsse I. Two systems of despair tle despair, active 1. despair:: gen gentle ("II love you as one must love, in despair"), resignation (" despair: day, after some incident, and violent despai r: one day. incident, II shut myself in my room and burst sobs : II am carried away bu rst into in to sobs: by a powerful tide, asphyxiated wit withh pain pain;; my whole body stiffens and convul convulses: ses; I see, in a sharp, sharp, cold flash, nash, the destruction to which I am doomed.

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