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By G. Cottram

This publication is an easy, functional consultant to the results of the Housing promises, development and Regeneration Act 1996, and the Scheme for development Contracts that's a legislation produced lower than the Act. It doesn't struggle through the Scheme clause by way of clause, yet in actual fact and concisely explains the activities required through the Scheme degree through degree. it isn't a criminal treatise, yet is an easy, straight forward advisor, which has been in particular written to aid these those that have a dispute that is spoke of adjudication, or who've problems figuring out the money phrases

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26 You should therefore, if you are the Referring Party, prepare in advance of the Notice of Adjudication a comprehensive statement of your claim so that this can be sent to the adjudicator immediately after you serve the Notice of Adjudication. The Referral Notice should consist of the following: (a) Details of the contract: (i) the title of the contract and what it is for; (ii) the parties to it; (iii) when it was formed and its value; (iv) the standard conditions of contract (if any) upon which it is based, or a statement that one of the parties drafted them.

22 18 19 20 21 22 Paragraph 3. Paragraphs 2(2), 5(3) & 6(2). Paragraphs 5(1). Paragraph 5(2)(b). Paragraph 7(1). The Referring Party | 43 This will be well-nigh impossible if an adjudicator named in the contract is unable or unwilling to act, or indeed if an ANB does not select an adjudicator within the five days allowed. The Scheme fails to address this problem. It is suggested that, unless another application has been made to an ANB, the procedure should continue and the Referral Notice be delivered late.

The combining of more than one dispute into a single adjudication produces two additional problems. (a) Because the Notices of Adjudication for the disputes will not have been issued on the same date there is a problem of the date by which the decision must be made. (b) Separate adjudicators may have been appointed for each dispute and because of the combining of the disputes one or more adjudicators is made redundant. Again, the Scheme deals with these two problems. It allows all the parties to the disputes to agree to extend the times.

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