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By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

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Van~k et al. e. the transformation of the hypothetical tricyclic nonaketide, 56 z. HOg~ALEKet al. are grouped into the so-called ctc-operon, This idea is supported by the results of genetic analysis performed in S. rimosus (Boronin and Mindlin, 1971) and S. , 1972). b) Quantitative Aspects of the Biosynthesis of Tetracyclines As was shown in the first section, the most effective procedure for increasing the production of tetracycline antibiotics is still the mutagenic treatment of production strains.

1971) B1 NH2 @ OH > B 50 Z, HO~fALEK et al. malonate probably proceeds on a protein template, the hypothetical nonaketide then being cyclized and aromatized. The enzyme or rather enzyme complex catalyzing the reaction ("anthracene synthase") probably represents the first step of the biosynthetic pathway which is under the control of a specific locus. In contrast with the preceding reactions this is a rather specific process, typical of tetracycline producers. Fig. 10 shows two possibilities for the transformation of the hypothetical tricyclic derivative formed from the nonaketide by triple dehydration.

X / " itvB nicC hisD~hrA lysB guaA Fig. 6. Linkage map of Streptom),ces rimosus (Friend and Hopwood, 197I). The order of the bracketed loci is unknown. Certain loci have not been ordered relative to loci covered by broken lines. Loci are arbitrarily spaced at equal intervals of results of selective analysis of haploid recombinants obtained both in four-point crosses of mutants and in multi-factor crosses between mutant and recombinant strains; heteroclones were not selected in these experiments.

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