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By Walter Ameling (auth.), Jürgen Meyer MD, Peter Schweizer MD, Raimund Erbel MD (eds.)

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The findings in these patients were compared to those obtained in 13 normals who were young volunteers without clinical evidence of cardiovascular disease. Each participant was initially studied at rest with intravenous N -13 ammonia and cross-sectional imaging of the myocardial N-13 ammonia distribution. A second study was performed one hour later. After the N-13 activity had physically decayed, coronary hyperemia was induced with intravenous dipyridamole. A second dose of N-13 ammonia was injected and cross-sectional imaging of the myocardial N-13 activity distribution at the same levels through the heart was repeated.

Interest in transesophageal cardiac imaging is presently increasing and various types of ultrasonic imaging devices for esophageal use have already been presented. All these devices suffered either from a rigid tip too large to allow use in man [8], or from mechanical vibrations [7], or from a very restricted field of view [8]. A miniaturized phased array transducer fixed to the distal end of a gastroscope has the advantages of being small in size and covering most parts of the heart within its 90° sector image.

3. ADVANCES AND PERSPECTIVES IN ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY R. HAUKE The pulse-echo method can be divided into three areas of technology with respect to the medical application. These are compound-scan, B-scan and sector scan systems. The decision about which system is used for which examination is mainly given by the available acoustic window, resolution and scan speed required for medical diagnosis. It is known that compound systems have slow frame rates but a very good contour resolution (Figure 1).

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