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By Z. Williams

This booklet introduces Africana Cultures and coverage experiences as an interdisciplinary box of research, rooted within the ancient adventure of individuals of African descent and concentrating on coverage improvement, anlaysis, and sensible software.

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Did the policy adequately address the problem and the concerns of the African American community? 2. Did the policy improve the life circumstances and situations of African Americans? 3. Did the policy outcomes have negative or positive effects on the African Americans? 4. Was funding for the policy adequate and sustained? 5. What recommended changes, if any, should be made in the policy cycle? Policy Change Analysts traditionally have reviewed policies up to the stage of evaluation and stopped there.

To define public policy and its numerous dimensions and identify and describe various policy processes30 relevant to the discipline: Attention should be given not only to governmental processes, but also to other important social processes that affect the distribution of resources, burdens, and opportunities. Among these are market processes, particularly those that shape the distribution of capital, since business formation and investments are crucial elements of successful communities. In addition, spatial processes such as segregation, gentrification, and displacement have serious effects on the communities in which they occur.

The drug problem in Black communities is so interwoven with economics, employment, the family, housing, education, teenage pregnancy, mental and emotional problems, crime and delinquency, that additional approaches must be developed. ”50 But alas, it was too little and too late. The “race-neutral” policy of shoot first and ask questions later had already commenced. Shots in the dark had already been fired. What was the outcome? 51 While the Omnibus Anti-Drug Act cannot be blamed solely for the fall of Harlem, the neighborhood presents an isolated case to prove the impact of an allegedly race-neutral policy alongside drastic economic and demographic changes.

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