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By Jean-Paul Close

This publication describes the arriving approximately and primary result of the AiREAS "healthy urban" cooperative within the urban of Eindhoven and Province of North Brabant within the Netherlands. AiREAS is an initiative considering the multidisciplinary co-creation of fit towns utilizing the middle human worth of human well-being and air caliber as guideline for profound nearby innovation. the original workforce technique that makes use of the complexity of town of Eindhoven as residing lab. it truly is an anthropology established initiative that invitations on to a similar desk of middle cutting edge accountability the neighborhood executive, leading edge company companions, clinical insights and learn, and civilian participation. the 1st part is defined right here within which the consortium made up our minds to need to make the invisible of pollution and human publicity obvious for the crucial cutting edge participation of all city's middle pillars (policy, schooling, infrastructure, tradition and entrepreneurship). The event is exclusive on the planet and continuing now with extra stages in Eindhoven and the function out of a similar operating layout in different towns. This short is made on hand to motivate the realm to deal with jointly the main advanced problems with our present period: pollutants, weather and center human values.

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Wellbeing: as in the Dutch idiom “goed boeren,” meaning the finding of a balanced and cyclically productive relationship with the natural surroundings for food production. ’ A person who is referred to as “boert goed” is equally considered rich and successful. In all societies, we still find both lines of thinking in the development of the countryside and the way people interact with each other. Since the process of industrialization, the entire business industry had developed around fragmented expressions of welfare, measured in financial benefits, not in wellbeing.

We needed to replace the central position of banks and money with something of much greater importance: the human being. If we exchange money-based welfare for human-based wellbeing, everything would change (Fig. 8). 15 Close, J-P. (2009) Geheimen van echte welvaart. 2 Early Days: From Personal Awareness to Group Commitment 31 Fig. 7 Moral versus organizational complexity (color figure online) Fig. 11 STIR Foundation—City of Tomorrow The foundation had the objective of positioning itself in the field of awareness-based co-creation towards key human values of wellbeing, a drive for transformative change that affects the entire society.

Why so much dependence? Why so much fear? One of the interesting consequences of a second positive integration described by Dabrowski is the gradual disappearance of “fear” as deeper awareness connects with the essentials of life and the harmonic connectivity with social and natural resources. No fear is needed. One learns to possess nothing so there is no fear of losing anything. One becomes humble, free and fearless. Ironically, for those competing in life this humbleness is seen as a weakness, while in reality, it is the most powerful and lasting of all layers.

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