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By Christos Tsagalis

The earlier few a long time have obvious the advance of recent serious equipment with which the poetic and rhetorical dimensions of historical Greek texts might be evaluated. during this quantity, a global crew of distinctive students comes jointly to check how quite a lot of historic texts in numerous genres have been capable of assert their authority and claims to fact, usually alluding to each other in refined methods as they tried to undertaking their very own superiority. a chain of illuminating new readings is on the market of either specific passages and full works within the gentle of those new severe advances

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In terms of the dynamics and construction of epic fame, a subject in which the Odyssey takes a keen interest, this period falls between a time when kleos is unattainable or even dangerous and a time when Odysseus comes to be reintegrated in the network of epic kleos. Numerous elements in the story of the Wanderings point to a temporary suspension of the hero’s conventional epic status. 502-505): the taunt leads to the Cyclops’ prayer to his father Poseidon and the wrath of the god, which will keep Odysseus away from the channels of epic for many years to come.

28 Similarly, the hexameter verse that designates Zeus as the head, the middle and thus the cause of all things created is described as “enigmatic”; this orphic verse belongs, as we recall, to the hieros logos already mentioned in Plato’s Laws, in a dialogue more or less contemporary with the Derveni text. According to the commentator who focuses his attention on the term kephalē (“chief”), in this verse (epos) Orpheus speaks not only in hidden words (ainizetai) but he also “indicates” (sēmainei).

Od. 130134) The Iliadic simile pertains to the Lycian hero Sarpedon at the beginning of the battle around the Greek camp: βῆ ῥ᾿ ἴμεν ὥς τε λέων ὀρεσίτροφος, ὅς τ᾿ ἐπιδευὴς δηρὸν ἔῃ κρειῶν, κέλεται δέ ἑ θυμὸς ἀγήνωρ He went similar to a lion, mountain-bred, who for a long time has been in need of meat. His manly thumos commands him. (Il. 299-300) Both lions are equally hungry, and the Odyssean lion is described in heroic terms (ἀλκὶ πεποιθώς, ἐν δέ οἱ ὄσσε δαίεται); yet it is the gastēr that urges him on, rather than the heroic thumos.

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