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By Akhil Sharma

“A strong debut novel that establishes Sharma as a excellent storyteller.”—Philadelphia Inquirer

Ram Karan, a corrupt authentic in New Delhi, lives together with his widowed daughter and his little granddaughter. Bumbling, unhappy, ironic, Ram is additionally a guy corroded by means of a negative mystery. Taking the reader down right into a global of feuding households and politics, An Obedient Father is a piece of infrequent sensibilities that provides a personality as formulated, humorous, and morally ambiguous as any of Dostoevsky’s antiheroes.

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A full glass of whiskey," I said. "Of course, sahib," the waiter said, and I knew he would want a tip. I saw Mrs. Chauduri moving around the veranda. She was talking and eating a samosa from a little plate and looking as if she could live forever. "Hello! Mrs. Chauduri," I shouted at her. I towed Asha behind me as I moved through the crowd. Mrs. Chauduri was wearing a purple sari that made her look like an eggplant. "What a nice sari," I said, feeling the slight anger of sycophancy and the sly joy of lying.

The world and my mind appeared to move at two different speeds. When I turned my head, the people before me also shifted. I introduced Asha to several people. " I would challenge them. Asha smiled when I demanded praise for her. I felt as if I could do anything and it wouldn't matter. I ordered another drink and moved with Asha into the room where the buffet was laid out. " she said. The walls were lined with tables covered by trays laden with food. On one side of the room there were ice chests full of ice cream.

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