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By Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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42 Unstructured fantasy. 00 (nonsig) – – – Morokoff and Heiman (1980) 11 healthy volunteers (mean age = 30) VPA Likert Comparing sexually functional and dysfunctional women before (session 1) and after (session 2) therapy. 65 audiotape, narrated by (session 1/2) male. – – – 1 explicit heterosexual film with no sound. 00 (nonsig) – – – 3 unstructured fantasies. 00 (nonsig) – – – Correlation reported across 3 fantasies. 00 (nonsig) audiotape, narrated by male. – – – 1 explicit heterosexual film with no sound.

In none of the analyses did we find that women produced higher concordance estimates than men. Based on these convergent and consistent results, we conclude that a gender difference in concordance exists, with men demonstrating higher subjective-genital agreement than women. Is the Gender Difference Due to Methodological Artifact? After determining that a gender difference existed, we searched for potential moderators of concordance between subjective and genital sexual arousal. , variation in correlations did not exceed that expected by chance) and thus did not require further examination of moderators to explain variability in the estimates that were obtained.

71 – – 2 explicit heterosexual audiotapes. 86 – – Arch Sex Behav (2010) 39:5–56 Apperloo et al. 3) Likert Validity and reliability of new measures of sexual arousal. Correlations reported using 5 mean physiological responses to the 4 sexual activities plus neutral clips. 7) Likert Effects of sound and type of 6 explicit heterosexual sexual activity in sexual films, depicting 6 films. Correlations different activities. reported across sound conditions. 78 – – Gaither, Rosenkranz, AmatoHenderson, Plaud, and Bigwood (1996) 14 students (mean age missing) Strain gauge Likert Sexual arousal and condom use in sexual stimuli.

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