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Download Arms & Armor: A Dungeons & Dragons d20 System Guidebook by Greg Dent PDF

By Greg Dent

To fingers! To fingers! guns and armor are the lifeblood of adventuring businesses, instruments of the alternate that stand as symbols of energy and good fortune over one's occupation. This 96-page e-book supplies extra armor, shields, and guns useable through heroes of each alternate and specialization. includes extra guns, armor, shields, and magical characteristics that may be positioned in any crusade atmosphere.

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The woman didn't matter, since she was not likely to see them again. When all was ready, the troop, twenty-strong, plodded down the yellow-mud lane, lurching on their fresh mounts, until they overwhelmed the little track. Flanked by old tress that played father to stands of lush brambles, the group set out on the day's ride. Whether it was by word from the commander or just wicked luck, the trail was jolting and steep, rising and falling over gullies and streambeds. Every bounce reminded Pinch of just how miserable he felt.

Aye, play it out Pinch," Therin warned. To the relief of the others, their leader slowly nodded—whether to them or Cleedis, it didn't matter. "It seems, Cleedis," the thief said in his most politic tone, "that maybe we should travel with you. " The old swordsman looked at Pinch's three companions and then at the determination in the rogue's eyes. The chamberlain's face was a mask as he calculated how his charge's compatriots changed the rules of the game. Finally, he turned and hobbled away. "Well and good.

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