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By Raymond E. Feist

Ten years after the bad Darkwar eventually ended, disaster once more threatens to engulf Midkemia and Kelewan, because the demon hordes proceed their relentless quest to infiltrate this realm of magic and sweetness. . . .

on the Gates of Darkness
ebook of the Demonwar Saga

To shield their international from the savage demon hordes, the Black Sorcerer Pug and Midkemia's clandestine protectors, the Conclave of Shadows, cast an uneasy alliance of ambitious magical abilities. jointly, this courageous band of wizards, demon masters, warriors, and elves defeated the brutal Demon King Maarg and grew to become again the onrushing dying tide.

But Maarg's fall has no longer stopped the demonic onslaught, and risk now looms more than ever sooner than. Amid the barren ridges of the Valley of misplaced males, within the shadows of an historical Keshian castle, the fearsome demon Dahun and the mad necromancer Belasco have joined forces, growing an unstoppable union of deathly black magics that even Pug and a united Conclave will not be robust sufficient to withstand.

Battling the Demon Legion has taken a heavy blood toll at the valiant and committed magician, claiming the lives of approximately all these he loves. notwithstanding he's racked by way of melancholy and rage, Pug is familiar with that the time for mourning needs to wait. placing apart his ache, he and the Conclave and their allies--the cold-blooded grasp secret agent Jim Dasher; the fearsome younger Knight-Adamant Sandreena; her former lover the necromancer Amirantha; renegade celebrity Elves; and Pug's surviving son, Magnus--must marshal their assets by contrast most recent probability. None can disregard the handfuls of worlds overrun by means of the demon plague and the thousands of lifeless left in the back of of their wake. on the gates of darkness, the place shadows disguise even deeper shadows, those magical defenders will face what's absolute to be the bloodiest, nastiest struggle their land has ever obvious. And as evil, mayhem, and darkish magic are unleashed, none can expect if they--and Midkemia itself--will live to tell the tale.

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Lasts one (10 minute) turn or until someone bumps into it. Sleep Tight (9) [Range 30’] Cast on a sleeping person, it will keep him asleep for one hour. Only a Dis -spell can awaken him. Snuff (10) [Range 30’] This can affect any number of targets, so long as the total CHA (or MR) does not exceed the caster’s IQ (higher levels double this limit). They are inflicted with a sneezing fit that prevents any action for one round. Swiftfoot (8) Rapid travel; doubles speed for 1 turn. In combat you get 2 rounds to opponent’s 1.

Demon Dumping (165) A more powerful form of Banishing. It will dismiss any demon whose Intelligence is not greater than the caster’s, or whose MR is not greater than the caster’s (Intelligence × Level). Bound demons must first be freed in order to be dismissed. LEVEL 19: Requires minimum IQ 46, DEX 26. p. each. Soul Snatch (150) Steals the spirit of one victim (must be within line of sight; or may be up to one mile away if the caster possesses a lock of hair or such). Unless imprisoned or bound, the spirit is immediately free to seek out its body again.

Gives you all the powers and abilities of that creature. Only lasts 1-6 turns at user's option, at which time creature returns to original shape before the enchantment. Any hits taken to ‘Monster Rating’ must be taken proportionately on original constitution. Sun Screen (35) A solar eclipse affecting the area within one mile of the caster; lasts one hour. Higher levels double the radius. Twister (35) [Range 100’] Creates a small cyclone under the direction of the caster; anything weighing less than (100 × caster's IQ) will be picked up & thrown around.

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