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By P. Kenemans, V. P. Collins, U. Brunk (auth.), E. S. E. Hafez, P. Kenemans (eds.)

The advice of Max Knoll that an electron interested by the varied SEM images, the wealth of data and the keenness of the microscope might be built utilizing a superb scanning researchers masking various disciplines. All features beam of electrons on a specimen floor and recording the emitted present as a functionality of the placement of the of the feminine and male genital tract were lined, beam used to be introduced in 1935. in view that then a number of culminating within the prizewinning award exhibiting the in investigators and clinicians have used this idea to vitro fertilized human egg. improve strategies referred to now as scanning electron In scientific diagnostics SEM additionally proved to be a microscopy (SEM) and scanning transmission electron priceless complementary approach, laying off new mild microscopy (STEM). the alternative to review the feminine on oncology, the pathogenesis of tubal disorder and the reproductive organs was once a logical one simply because cells and maturation strategy of the placenta. destiny learn has tissue samples will be sampled rather simply; nonetheless to be finished; e.g. quantification of SEM in addition, those cells and organs are inspired pictures for significant and sound organic, continually via the cyclic construction of hormones. clinical and statistical evaluate in diagnostic This atlas demonstrates the cutting-edge in 1983. gynecology, obstetrics, andrology and oncology.

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Cells are flat scales with an irregular serrated contour or a smooth linear surface; serrated border appears as a series of wedge-shaped prominences in the marginal zone of scales which correspond to elongated bars or microridges. Great variation of patterns in cell surface. Irregular and pyknotic nuclei, flattened following the long axis of the cell, show ill-defined contour; dark particles of large size appear set apart from the main clump of chromatin. Fascicles of filaments are concentrated at marginal cytoplasm; a few large vacuoles in cytoplasm.

1976) also reveal obvious differences in the surface morphology between normal and abnormal cervical epithelia. Using SEM, desmosomes are not seen at all. A distinct feature of normal superficial or intermediate squamous cells is the presence of microridges, covering the cell surface of these flat cells. , 1980). A microvilli-dominated pattern was found on the surface of exfoliated abnormal cells.

In the presecretion situation apical mucinous secretions bulge from the cell surface, which is then devoid of microvilli. The secretory activity of the cervical epithelium involves both apocrine and merocrine mechanisms (Nilsson and Westman, 1961). There are approximately 100 mucus-secreting gland-like units or crypts in the cervical canal (Odeblad, 1966), producing midcycle up to 700 mg mucus per day (Pommerenke, 1946). The cyclical variation in epithelial morphology in the endocervix is less noticeable than those of vaginal or endometrial epithelium.

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