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By Carroll V. Glines

This is the dramatic tale of the yankee challenge to shoot Japan's maximum admiral out of the sky, instructed by means of the award-winning writer of the Doolittle Raid.On April 18, 1943, opposed to overwhelming odds, Yamamoto's aircraft used to be shot down. Following the challenge, an issue arose: Which pilot really shot down Yamamoto's airplane? C.V. Glines turns his bold examine abilities in this impressive story of experience and detection. This up to date version includes the reliable 1993 Air strength selection in this controversy.

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Ladislas Farago commented: "It was nothing short of miraculous that they succeeded in building a machine the prototype of which they had never seen and whose cryptographic principles and components were unknown to them. They did it from the laboriously gained clues of the cracked cipher the original machine had produced. Henceforth, this strange new gadget, which was given the designation Purple, would do the job that it would have taken dozens of men and women weeks, if not months, to achieve without the maFinally, a casual possibility that led to the solution chine.

The list includes W. J. Holmes, Joseph J. Rochefort, Alva B. Lasswell, Wesley A. their Wright, Thomas H. Dyer, Edwin T. Layton, Joseph Finnegan, and others. Each played a vital role in improving the units' capabilities. By the beginning of 1943, their expert analysis and their decryption of Japanese naval messages, assisted by the navy's worldwide communications intelligence network, gave Admiral Nimitz a nearly perfect view of where the enemy naval forces were located and what their intentions were.

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