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By Brian Hocking

This e-book units out to discover modern existence in Australia, having a look additionally on the way forward for the continent, and masking subject matters starting from its background, tradition, faith, values and ecological views to its economic system and politics.

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The island of Bali is a great favourite. Although none of all this can possibly be said to constitute an Asianisation of Australia, the trends that are now emerging, whatever their future pace, are most probably irreversible. The outlines of Lemontey's Eurasian, multicultural society are now visible. Australia is beginning to exchange Professor Blainey's tyranny of distance for the inevitability and gravitational pull of proximity. Perhaps Australians are at last attempting to live, not in fear and trembling but, as the Book of Common Prayer puts it, in love and charity with their neighbours.

Coombs relates that it was reactivated in 1954 only by his dangling the bait of calling the new, locally-based organisation the Elizabethan Theatre Trust. But then Menzies was essentially a club man, and his culture was shaped accordingly, over a glass of port, preferably as a legal anecdote or as a verbal sally. 10 Quite otherwise was the outlook of Gough Whitlam, also a barrister of note. Culture for him was essentially a national problem, and one which sorely needed to be addressed by his government.

Initially they were catered for by the interim Arts Council setting up a committee drawn from the various boards; concern largely centred on access to existing art forms away from the centre of the cities, rather than considering questions of equity, in particular how cultural policy could be devised to meet the needs of the vast majority. It was pointed out in Parliament that there was only one Community Arts Officer serving the western suburbs of Sydney. Indeed the Liberal Party, intent on challenging any signs of an emerging Whitlam personality cult, was more than happy to fire bullets prepared for it by the Pram Factory in Melbourne, and declare that 'the accent must be on cultural spread, and not on creating monuments for one man'.

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