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By Erle Montaigue

Baguazhang is expounded to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mum of the 3 inner structures. it's one of many most up-to-date chinese language healing/martial arts of the interior approach and comprises the superior of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to the superior of the Buddhism or Taoism struggling with arts.

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See PHOTO NO. 10. No. Four palm breaks an opposite palm grab by simply turning one’s centre in to the palm and turning the body away, thus breaking against the thumb. See PHOTO NO. 11. This could be followed with a back palm strike to the lower abdomen area to dim-mak point GB 24, while controlling the attacker's arm. PHOTO NO. 12. Baguazhang The Complete System: Page 27 PALM NO. FIVE: broken". This palm represents the wind and has the ability to heal the first seven vertebra. Its trigram is "broken, unbroken, un- See PHOTO NO.

83. The gaze in this instance is on the left palm. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement. APPLICATION: Carrying on, your right palm lifts to behind the attacker’s head while your left palm takes his chin. You now perform a fa-jing shake, thus breaking his neck. A36. Baguazhang The Complete System: Page 59 LIFT CLOTHES TO WALK: • HEALING: Indicates the old style 'dress' that the Chinese used to wear. they had to lift it in order to move! Works upon the colon. The colon must be clear and working correctly in order to move correctly.

NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement. THRUST FINGERS: Turn in the same manner as for the posture, 'THRUSTING FINGERS AND SLAPPING STEP', only this time do not do the slapping step. Instead we go into a sort of half version of 'TAKE PERSON'S HEAD AND PLACE ON YOUR OWN'. Take your left palm and slip it under your right palm, both palms are upward. PHOTO NO. 81. Take the left palm out and around as before. PHOTO NO. 78. To end up as in the previous PHOTO NO. 79. NB/ This movement is a fa-jing movement.

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