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By Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D., Phillip J. Vuchetich, Pharm.D., M.S., Umesh V. Banakar, Ph.D.

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For example: TABLE 2-1. 0025 2,5 2 How do I determine the number of significant figures? Examples (c) to (e) illustrate the exceptions to the above general rule. 65. If one or more zeros immediately follow a decimal point, as in example (e), these zeros simply serve to locate the decimal point and are therefore not significant figures. The use of a single zero preceding the decimal point, as in examples (d) and (e), is a commendable practice which also serves to locate the decimal point; this zero is therefore not a significant figure.

C) Following administration of a drug as an intravenous injection, – dC p ------------- = KC p dt Where C p is the plasma concentration of a drug at time t K is the apparent first-order rate constant of elimination. 12). – Kt = ln ( C p ) + A We know that when t = 0 , C p = ( C p ) 0 . Basic Pharmacokinetics REV. 25 Copyright © 1996-1999 Michael C.

9. The student will predict (IV) changes in the final result based on changes in variables throughout the model. 10. The student will correlate (V) the graphs of the data with the equations and models so generated. Basic Pharmacokinetics REV. 25 Copyright © 1996-1999 Michael C. 1 Concepts of Mathematics Pharmacokinetcs is a challenging field involving the application of mathematical concepts to real situations involving the absorbtion, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs in the body.

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