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T h e G. keyserlingii association occurs in fine to very fine-grained micaceous shales and sandstones, which contain only few glauconite grains. Grammatodon keyserlingiilTaimyrothyris sp. nov. association Table 12, figs 19, 21 The G. key serlingiil Taimyrothyris sp. nov. association is represented by eight collections with 1083 specimens. There are three species in the trophic nucleus: the semi-infaunal bivalve G. keyserlingii, the brachiopod Taimyrothyris and the semiinfaunal bivalve Isognomon volaticum.

Volaticum association occurs in slightly to heavily glauconitic very fine to fine-grained sand and sandstone. ru/ 47 Table 17. Taimyrothyris sp. nov. 2%) "Isognomon volaticum "Entolium orbiculare Grammatodon schourovskii Grammatodon keyserlingii Camptonectespraecinctus Pleuromya uralensis Buchia mosquensis Pleuromya triangularis Pinna lanceolata Hartwellia borealis Pleuromya uniformis Astarte aff. A. veneris Isocyprina birkelundi Liostrea plastica Nuculoma variabilis shallow burrowing bivalves tiny burrowing bivalve Mesosaccella choroschowensis Plagiostoma incrassatum Thracia depressa Discomiltha sp.

Rhynchonella' sp. nov. 2%) cidaroid (spines) Trace fossils Macaronichnus segregatis Skolithos sp. 2 33 33 33 3 collections, 632 specimens. Members of the trophic nucleus are marked with an asterisk. sp. nov. and the deep burrowing Pleuromya triangularis. T h e brachiopods com­ monly occur in nests and sometimes exhibit a large variation in size. N o faunal ele­ ments are encrusted or bored. Fragmentation varies from 0 to 5 0 % . This and the remaining biostratinomic evi­ dence indicate only minimal disturbance of a former community.

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