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By Mary Reed McCall

From the splendidly evocative and gifted Mary Reed McCall comes the 1st novel of a thrilling new trilogy in line with the mysterious and engaging Knights of Templar.

Sir Richard de Cantor, a highly-skilled warrior, is hampered by means of guilt over the bold, materialistic method he'd lived earlier than he joined the Templar Brotherhood -- a way of life he believes resulted in the loss of life of his younger daughter. girl Margaret Newcomb is a disgraced daughter of a strong English earl and has led a quiet lifetime of penance and atonement. notwithstanding of alternative backgrounds, truthfully they're either lonely, battered via the area, and in determined want of every other's love and recognition. Their fragile dating is quickly threatened whilst the French Inquisition makes its approach to England, and Richard is confronted with fees for his place as a Templar Knight, simply to have their love additional established while anyone from Meg's earlier reappears with the facility to rip the 2 apart.

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It was too much. He couldn’t bear it, though he knew he deserved to feel this agony. He couldn’t stay here; he had to get away. And then he saw Meg. Her eyes were filled with tears too. So sad . . and yet full of understanding and sympathy. Sympathy for him. That realization edged its way past the horrible swell of emotion flooding him, and he felt the stiff mask he’d made of his face begin to crack. Nay! He couldn’t allow himself to feel any of this. He shook his head, and forcing his feet to move at last, he took a step toward the door.

His unexpected admission filled her with exasperation. He was forever doing or saying something unexpected and causing her to soften toward him in the process. ” she asked after a moment. Her voice sounded clipped, as she tried desperately to forge an emotional distance from this man with whom she was beginning to feel a dangerous sense of empathy. ” To her amazement, his expression shifted, but not to the anger she’d hoped he’d show. Instead she saw a flash of teeth as he suddenly threw back his head with rumble of laughter that threatened to topple him from his perch against the side of the table.

Considering that Hawksley’s lord could choose to dismiss her from service at any time, Meg knew she should make haste in obeying. Even so, she found herself hesitating in the shadows of the doorway. Truth be told, she was still trying to make sense of what she’d witnessed in Ella’s bedchamber. Richard had behaved in a way that had startled her, to say the least. After all she BEYOND TEMPTATION 51 had heard about his careless, grasping—and if the stories of his feats of arms for the late king were true, his quite violent nature—the last thing she had expected to see when he met with his mad wife again was tenderness.

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