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By Brij V. Lal, Peter Hendrie

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Rajkumar Singh’s sister, Lachminia, was married to Yaro. Ramsamujh had recently run away with Lachminia to the neighbouring town of Ba, but soon afterwards, Lachminia’s husband Yaro and Seorattan went to Ba and persuaded the couple to return to Lautoka. Ramsamujh now lived in the CSR lines in Lautoka town. On Tuesday 26 November, he went to see his parents in Vakabuli, a weekly routine he performed with some conviction. The journey on foot took him across two rivers and along the winding hilly land on Baijnath’s farm.

A motive for fabricating evidence (namely to be freed from arrest) is shown to have existed in the case of Samdhani and Yaro, and I ask you to disbelieve their evidence. I submit that upon the evidence called for the prosecution, and upon the evidence of the defence, in so far as it destroys the credibility of the Crown’s witnesses (quite apart from the alibi proved by each accused man — alibis uncontradicted, except so far as the Crown has sought to confuse the witnesses as to the Thursday on which the crime took place) the case against the prisoners should have failed.

The message of hope and redemption was unmistakable. Sanatanis were not the only Hindus in Fiji. There were also smaller numbers of Arya Samajis, followers of a reformist branch of Hinduism, founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. They rejected the more ritualistic aspects of the faith and revered the Vedas as the principal texts of Hinduism. 33 They were popular because they rejected the hierarchical system of Brahminical Hinduism, stressing the importance of devotion and the equality of human beings, which appealed to people from a non-literate background.

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