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By David M. Mirvis M.D. (auth.), David M. Mirvis M.D. (eds.)

To accomplish those pursuits, the publication is physique floor electrocardiographic mapping isn't really a brand new process. it's one at the beginning de­ divided into 5 sections. partly I, the deve­ veloped many a long time in the past, however it has in simple terms lopment of electrocardiographic leads in addition to lately matured right into a strong device for floor mapping is seen from an historic learning the cardiac electric box. This booklet point of view. this can be partly II by means of a is meant to study, either seriously and in evaluation of the basic physiologic and aspect, the purposes of this specific procedure biophysical ideas of electrocardiography in either medical and experimental environments. and a dialogue of easy mapping suggestions. A entire description of said re­ purposes of those the way to the traditional sults is, even if, just a first aim. An both and the irregular center are then awarded in vital target is to discover the elec­ elements III and IV, respectively. ultimately, the trophysiologic and biophysical bases for the paintings concludes (Part V) with a attention empirically saw electrocardiographic pat­ of attainable destiny instructions that physique floor terns. it is just after contemplating those uncomplicated mapping could persist with. the ultimate result's, desire­ foundations that the values and the restrictions absolutely, an intensive assertion defining the cur­ of any electrocardiographic procedure should be lease s~atus of physique floor electrocardiographic understood. this can be really real for physique mappmg.

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As much as 33 20% of cardiac volume is composed of these resistive elements. A second and related major tissue factor is cardiac anisotropy [4]. Whereas myocardial resistances are often simulated as being uniform in all directions, that is, isotropic, significant directional differences in resistance do exist at the cellular and at the tissue level. As described above, myocardial cells are elongated with predominantly end-to-end intercellular, low resistance electrical connections. This results in lower tissue resistance along the length of the fiber than in a transverse direction (table 3-2), as well as in directional differences in conducTABLE 3-1.

I. Spatial compression. Circ Res 1981 ;49:186-196. Evans AK, Lux RL, Burgess MJ, Wyatt RF, Abildskov JA: Redundancy reduction for improved display and analysis of body surface potential maps. II. Temporal compression. Circ Res 1981;49:197-203. Lux RL, Urie PM, Burgess MJ, Abildskov JA: Variability of the body surface distributions of QRS, ST-T and QRST deflection areas with varied activation sequence in dogs. Cardiovasc Res 1980;14:607-612. Abildskov JA, Evans AK, Lux RL, Burgess MJ: Ventricular recovery properties and QRST deflection area in cardiac electrograms.

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