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By Walter G. Robillard

The re-creation of Brown's Boundary regulate and criminal Principles has been up to date to mirror ongoing adjustments in surveying know-how and surveying legislation, particularly via including water boundary specialist George Cole as a contributor to redesign details on Riparian and Littorial barriers. also, a brand new appendix has been brought containing a entire record of surveying books which were referenced in lawsuits and criminal judgements as persuasive authority through the years. it truly is critical analyzing for college kids and practicioners learning for the basics of Land Surveying licensure exam.

Chapter 1 background and suggestion of limitations (pages 1–34):
Chapter 2 How obstacles are Created (pages 35–52):
Chapter three possession, move, and outline of actual estate and Accompanying Rights (pages 53–80):
Chapter four limitations, legislations, and comparable Presumptions (pages 81–98):
Chapter five production and Interpretation of Metes and limits and different Nonsectionalized Descriptions (pages 99–142):
Chapter 6 production and Retracement of GLO limitations (pages 143–187):
Chapter 7 Federal and country Nonsectionalized Land Surveys (pages 188–225):
Chapter eight finding Easements and Reversions (pages 226–251):
Chapter nine Riparian and Littoral obstacles (pages 252–280):
Chapter 10 Retracing and “Resurveying” Sectionalized Lands (pages 281–336):
Chapter eleven finding Sequential Conveyances (pages 337–385):
Chapter 12 finding at the same time Created limitations (pages 386–435):
Chapter thirteen finding mix Descriptions and Conveyances (pages 436–461):
Chapter 14 position of The Surveyor (pages 462–477):
Chapter 15 The Ethics and ethical tasks of Boundary construction and of Retracements (pages 478–487):

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These may include easements for light, air, or scenic value. An appurtenant easement benefits the dominant estate or its holder and attaches to the parcel of land, not to the holder. For example, an easement acquired by the owner of a landlocked parcel for the purpose of gaining access to a road is appurtenant to the land. The easement passes automatically with the sale of the land, whether or not it is mentioned in the conveyance; it is attached to the land. The converse of an apurtenant easement is an easement in gross.

Usually, an expert is not required if the facts are within the capabilities of the jury to understand. Surveyors should not be considered as advocates for a particular client or position. Attorneys, on the other hand, are the means by which legal questions are presented to the courts. They are advocates, espousing the position of their clients, right or wrong. At times it may seem that surveyors are advocates, but one must differentiate between honest differences of opinion among surveyors and the advocacy of a surveyor who may seem to be an advocate.

Those who possess a fee simple or fee simple absolute estate are, for all purposes, the owners of the land. The words fee simple absolute in reality are not a single term; each distinct word carries a meaning that explains the entire term. Fee denotes that the estate is one that can be inherited or devised by a will or other documents. Simple denotes that the estate is not a fee tail estate, wherein the estate must be inherited by a specific person. Absolute means that there are no conditions or limitations so far as time is concerned on the estate, and this estate may continue forever (not like a fee or an estate that may be determinable upon the happening of an event), either precedent or subsequent.

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