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Some prefer to number the columns on each dimension sheet rather than the pages. The practice of consecutive numbering ensures the early discovery of a missing sheet. 8 At the top of the first dimension sheet for a project it is good practice to enter a list of the drawings from which the measurements have been taken, with the precise drawing number of each contract drawing carefully recorded. The importance of listing the contract drawings from which the dimensions have been obtained in this way, is that in the event of changes being made to the work as originally planned, resulting in the issue of amended drawings, it will be clearly seen that these changes occurred after the bill of quantities was prepared and that variations to the quantities can be expected.

8). The left hand column of a classification table lists descriptive features commonly encountered in building works. The next or second column lists 18 Building Quantities Explained subgroups into which each main group shall be divided and the third column provides for further subdivision, although these lists are not intended to be exhaustive. The relevant unit of measurement is also indicated. Each item description shall identify the work relating to one descriptive feature drawn from each of the first three columns in the classification table, and as many of the features in the fourth or last column as are appropriate.

This can apply to any work where the architect is unable to give full details at the time of measurement. In General Rules 3:1-3, it is emphasised that measurements are to relate to work net as fixed in position, except where otherwise described in a measurement rule applicable to the work. Measurements are to be taken to 16 Measurement Procedures 17 the nearest 10 mm (5 mm and over shall be regarded as 10 mm and less than 5 mm shall be disregarded). lengths are entered in the dimension column in metres to two places of decimals.

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