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Such a lot books disguise the syntax of the language. This e-book covers a few fascinating tips to use it successfully. particularly, i used to be attracted to this publication for its instance of a category manufacturing unit. no longer a subject coated in such a lot books.

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Other compilers will not allow 46 Technique 8: Using const Instead of #define it and will complain bitterly, giving you strange errors to interpret and correct. Either way, the outcome is unpleasant. 2. Better yet, copy the code from the source file on this book’s companion Web site. Now for the const method. If you wrote Note that in this listing, you can see the effects of both the #define version of the statement and the const version of the statement. The compiler will interpret them differently, as we will see shortly.

The ProcessEntries function is the fascinating one because it is a function that is working on a class type that doesn’t do anything — it has no idea which type of mailing-list entry object it is processing. Rather, it works from a pointer to the base class. If you run this program, you will find that it works as advertised, as you can see in Listing 2-5. You could likewise create a file containing all entries that we just typed into the various fields above to LISTING 2-5: THE MAILING-LIST PROGRAM IN OPERATION Enter Enter 2 Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter Enter 1 to use a file-based mailing list 2 to enter data from the command line the the the the the the the the the the first name for the mailing list: last name of the person: Telles first name of the person: Matt first address line: 10 Main St second address line: city: Anytown state: NY zip code: 11518 next name for the mailing list: last name of the person: enter those fields into the system.

1. Modify the source code for the test application as in Listing 7-2. cpp. h” int main(int argc, char **argv) { assert( argc > 1 ); if ( argc > 1 ) printf(“Argument 1 = %s\n”, argv[1] ); return 0; } What is the difference here? Obviously, if you compile the program in debug (that is, non-optimized) mode and run it with no arguments, the assert is triggered and the program exits, kicking out an error statement as before. If you compile in optimized mode, however, the assert is skipped and the program tests to see whether there are enough arguments to process.

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