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Main Currents of Marxism: Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution, Volume 3: The Breakdown

From thinker Leszek Kolakowski, one of many giants of twentieth-century highbrow background, comes this hugely infuential learn of Marxism. Written in exile, this 'prophetic paintings' provides, in line with the Library of Congress, 'the such a lot lucid and entire background of the origins, constitution, and posthumous improvement of the method of idea that had the best effect at the 20th century'.

The Comintern: A History of International Communism from Lenin to Stalin

This obtainable textual content presents a entire narrative and interpretative account of the whole background of the Communist foreign, 1919-1943. by way of incorporating the newest Western and Soviet study the authors clarify the mythical complexities of Comintern heritage and chart its degeneration from a innovative internationalist corporation into an obedient software of Soviet international coverage.

Communism’s Collapse, Democracy’s Demise?: The Cultural Context and Consequences of the East German Revolution

Communism's cave in either triggered and was once sped up by way of the long-anticipated reunification of Germany. What have been the political and social undercurrents that resulted in the abrupt cave in of East Germany? What difficulties have arisen on the grounds that reunification? sincerely, communism has left a cultural and political void that begs to be assessed.

European Socialists and Spain: The Transition to Democracy, 1959–77

Pilar Ortuño Anaya breaks new flooring within the examine of the foreign dimensions of the Spanish transition to democracy. She argues that express members and businesses made an important contribution to the democratization approach. Dr Ortuño Anaya establishes for the 1st time the function performed through eu socialist and exchange union agencies, particularly the German Social Democratic occasion and its affiliated unions, the Labour events within the uk, and the French Socialists.

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1. Simple reproduction. In department I, the workers buy commodities from department II to the equivalent of their wages, and the capitalists to the equivalent of their profits. Both these flows are continuous (workers and capitalists alike have to eat every day) regardless of whether department I commodities have already been sold. 26 With the money received from the sale of their commodities, the capitalists of department II buy from department I the means of production needed to reconstitute their own constant capital used up during the production process.

However, in order to grasp the deeper significance of the concept ‘process of circulation of capital’, as well as the exact place of Volume 2 in Marx’s overall analysis of the capitalist mode of production attempted in his three-volume magnum opus, we have to understand the inner connection between the production of value and its realization. Commodity production is the expression of a specific form of social organization, which encompasses a basic contradiction. On the one hand, human production has outgrown the primitive form of subsistence-farming and handicrafts, which prevailed in more or less isolated communities of producer-consumers.

Together they prepared the Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848) as a statement of the Communist League’s policy. In 1848 Marx returned to Germany and took an active part in the unsuccessful democratic revolution. The following year he arrived in England as a refugee and lived in London until his death in 1883. Helped financially by Engels, Marx and his family nevertheless lived in great poverty. After years of research (mostly carried out in the British Museum), he published in 1867 the first volume of his great work, Capital.

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