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In the whole lot there is nothing but mystery and error. " Returning to the table and helping himself to more roast beef (he chose only the rarest bits), Brillig confessed he had great difficulty with intuitions not backed by concrete reality. I was attentive because I'm in the same boat myself. Norman coughed. " He emphasized might, he said, because he didn't trust his premonitions, even though some had subsequently proven to be true. I got quite excited. " "Yes," nodded Brillig, stroking his goatee.

I believe it sprang from a feeling that someone should try to bridge the lamentable gap between Chickle Schtick and Jungian psychology-and the grandiose idea that I was just the one to do it. I was full of it at the time and had eagerly looked forward to whatever response might come. None did. Now, although flattered by this belated but dramatic show of interest by someone whose work I had the highest regard for, I was more than a little uneasy that my, yes, let me admit it, somewhat whimsical piece, which had already faded in my memory, should be taken so seriously.

Now there are two of us! Tomorrow perhaps ten! I know their location and have a plan. Let me not mince words. We have more than a little in common and there is much work to be done. We must meet! Please contact me as soon as possible. , Dipl. Analyt. , Dipl. 28 There followed an address and several phone numbers, together with an elaborate timetable indicating where he might be reached during any given day for the next three weeks. At the very bottom there were neat block letters: MS. LITTLE LIVES.

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