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By Zhuangzi, A. C. Graham

Author note: Translated through A. C. Graham

The internal Chapters are the oldest items of the bigger choice of writings by way of numerous fourth, 3rd, and moment century B.C. authors that represent the vintage of Taoism, the Chuang-Tzu (or Zhuangzi). it truly is this middle of historical writings that's ascribed to Chuang-Tzu himself.

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Within this cosmology the universe will be activated by the insubstantial free-moving air of Heaven, and the extent to which any thinker chooses to personify it will depend on how far he pushes the analogy between the cosmos and man. 43 The experience of achieving without knowing how, living from moment to moment without knowing why, trusting to Heaven and to one’s daemon, is crucial to the Taoist attitude. It is a surrender to the incomprehensible which could easily lead to the conviction of possessing magical powers.

So must the other chapters which are single essays (chapters 15, 16 and 33), and any episode extracted from chapters which are miscellanea; everything translated must have its entire identifiable context. (2) The reader must be informed of what is specific to the thought of Chuang-tzŭ, the Primitivist, the Yangists, and the Syncretists, so that he can distinguish them and find his way around them. (3) Only the chapters which are true essays (such as the Primitivist’s) should be treated as consecutive paragraphed 63 prose.

On closer inspection the joke loses most of its point. Taoists are trying to communicate a knack, an aptitude, a way of living, and when the carpenter tells Duke Huan that he cannot put into words how much pressure to exert in chiselling wood we both understand and agree. With philosophers who profess to know unformulable truths, an ineffable reality, no doubt we have the right to become impatient, but Taoists, as we have noticed already,93 do not think in terms of discovering Truth or Reality.

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