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By Keri Arthur

In a single, vicious evening, Kirby Brown’s international is torn aside. Her ally is useless, killed via a madman who's now after her. and she or he has no thought why. Doyle Fitzgerald has been despatched to Melbourne, Australia to seek down a killer. What he doesn’t anticipate finding is a circle of witches able of controlling the weather and a sorceress made up our minds to take that persistent for herself. And he definitely isn’t looking ahead to to play bodyguard to a lady who's greater than she seems.When the police end up incapable of defending Kirby from the monsters that chase her, she has no selection yet to put her defense in Doyle’s hand. And whereas she unearths herself inexplicably interested in him, she fears to belief him due to the magic that lies in his soul.It speedy turns into glaring that the reason for the killings lies in Kirby's prior. however it is a prior she has no desire to take into account. simply because Doyle isn’t the single one with magic in his soul. in basic terms her magic is able to destroying the area.

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She nodded and climbed out of the car. The mist ran damp fingers across her skin, and she shivered. The night was quiet, hushed. The street was filled with shadows. Cars and houses loomed briefly as the fine rain swirled sluggishly. Streetlights puddled light down onto the pavement, looking like forlorn stars in the night. Nothing moved. It was very easy to imagine they were the only two people alive in the world right now. He moved to the rear of the car, then glanced back at her. " She cast an uneasy glance at the shrouded trees, then followed him across the road.

But her skin still held a touch of warmth. She hadn't been dead long. He'd missed saving her by maybe ten minutes. Ten lousy minutes. Biting back his anger, he rose and walked across to the table. The tea in the mugs was still warm. Rachel had known her attacker—known and trusted her. Why else would she have let the woman into her house at this hour of the morning and made her a cup of tea? 65 He turned, studying the kitchen. The candle's small flame flickered at her feet, barely breaking the darkness.

The creature howled. He spun, kicking the zombie in the gut, forcing it away, desperate to gain some room to move— and breathe. Lightning bit through the room, encasing the zombie in a web of blue-white light. It howled and thrashed but could not escape. The smell of burning flesh added depth to the already horrendous stench in the room. Soon there was nothing left but a pile of ash on the floor. Kirby walked in, her gaze sweeping the room until she found him. " Though she was pale, the left side of her face was red, as if burned, and bits of dust and wood were caught in her hair.

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