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By Hans Binnendijk, Patricj M. Cronin

This lexicon is inten ded as a device to he lp strip aw ay one resource of the endem ic miscommunication and friction that now plagues either squaddies and civilians, governm ent and non-government, who plan, coordinate, and execute the complicated set of overlapping civil-military actions and initiatives th at have come to charact erize armed conflicts and their afterm ath. jointly referred to as complicated operations1, they call for, yet too usually lack, a feeling of universal goal and m utual figuring out be tween a big selection of planne rs and practitioners, all of whom carry with them assorted organizati onal cultures, international visions, and operational methods. those disconnects can , and too frequently do, create conf usion, at tim es with tragic effects, either at the floor and between policy-m akers. a part of that confusion stem s from the commonly assorted vocabulary utilized by those m any actors. each one association possesses their very own special terminology, completely transparent to them , yet foggy to others. even if phrases glance and sound primary they typically have fairly diversified and occasionally alien meanings. an individual who has attended an acronym and jargon -laced coordination assembly of m ilitary, civilian executive, and NGO representatives is aware the disappointment of attempting to interpret what's intended via phrases that experience many various connotations. it's in hopes of lessening this confusion that this lexicon has been compiled.

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In turn, staffs that are geared toward fulfilling those mandates naturally generate an agency culture that colors the way they interpret a national security problem. DOD personnel, who live in a planning culture, often recommend more national-level planning as a solution to insufficient interagency collaboration. On the other hand, the Department of State, sensitive to subtle and fast-moving political dynamics, tends to regard planning as a waste of time or, worse, an exercise that empowers DOD to control outcomes based on its operational needs and irrespective of political developments.

In this event, the “strategic payoff ” of option 3 might be only 10 percent higher than option 2, even though option 3 has 50 percent more manpower. Figure 2–1 displays such a curve, assuming that option 2 falls at the knee of the curve. The reasons why this assumption is likely to be valid are discussed later in the chapter. Finally, it is important to note that, if an active/standby civilian response capacity of 5,000 personnel is selected, it does not define the total number of civilian response capacity personnel that would need to be available.

17 REDESIGNING WHITE HOUSE AND INTERAGENCY STRUCTURES 39 The inability to generate and sustain clear strategy choices, amending them as circumstances dictate, is not a new phenomenon or one limited to any particular administration. Decades ago, Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson unleashed a scathing criticism of the tendency of the National Security Council, its staff, and its processes to produce incoherent strategy: The American people and even the Congress get the impression that when the [National Security] Council meets, fresh and unambiguous strategies are decided upon.

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