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The change came over his face halfway through Levi’s speech. By the time he was done, Andrew was almost smiling. “You didn’t favor me. ” “No, I favored you. ” Now there was a twinkle in his eye. “It was the best way to get your attention. ” Levi smiled. ” He ducked his head to inhale the familiar scent of Andrew’s skin. ” Andrew turned into the caress, their cheeks grazing. For several seconds, they simply stayed like that, warm and close and oddly more intimate than the entire afternoon in his office.

I know we joked about the whole student/teacher thing, but it hurt, getting treated like a kid again. ” He sighed and sat on the arm of the couch. “You mean a lot to me. ” Levi still wasn’t sure what Andrew wanted from him. He understood that he shouldn’t have talked to Andrew like he would have spoken to a freshman, even if he was annoyed to be roped into a stupid problem that actually had very little to do with him and everything to do with department politics. But he still didn’t understand how Andrew had made the leap from what he said to dirty little secret.

He smoothed his fingers through Andrew’s hair, letting his palm come to a stop on the back of Andrew’s skull, but he didn’t try to take control. His tongue was rough and smooth at the same time, and hot enough to send a wave of chills down his spine. “That’s it, Andy. That’s it. ” Andrew grunted, but didn’t stop. His free hand slipped between Levi’s thighs, spurring him to spread his legs a little wider, while the other started to pull at Levi’s cock. They were long, languorous strokes, nothing at all like the quickening flicks of Andrew’s tongue, or the tiny nibbles he started to take at the sensitive sac.

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