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By Felix Guattari

Politics after the autumn.

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Yes, the revolution continues: the reactionary wave of the '70s has not destroyed it. It has enriched itself by a sort of irreversible strategic interiorization which permits it to be intrinsically articulated with the immense ethical project for peace. COMMUNISTS Ln Us 103 S THE NEW ALLIANCE I. A MOLECULAR METHOD OF AGGREGATION The transformations which trouble a society require a new type of organization. Leninism or anarchism are no longer anything today but fantasms of defeat, voluntarism, and disenchantment, a forced faith or solitary rebellion, an antithetical form of repression or a simple abstract assertion of singularity.

It is in the struggles for peace that the movement attains its richest and most complex expression. In a sinuous and continuous fashion, the struggles are carried out across the enemy territory, preventing him from attaining the maximum concentration of the destructive force that defines his project and, in a continuous way, from attaining his force of persuasion and concentration. One could 100 FEux GUATFARI & TOM NEGRI almost say that this "guerrilla of peace," which is taking root in the spaces between individual consciousnesses, constructed on a communitarian basis, collectively synchronizing the dispositions and sequences of the domination which constitutes them in terms of resistance and struggle, all of this is already a force, a project, which makes us relinquish the defensive, which surpasses the war of position and which can inspire us to a war ofmovement.

The rediscovery of politics, that is, the foundation of an other politics, calls for the deployment of social forces on fields of application which are indefinitely open. These forces depend, of course, on the intensity of the needs revealed by the immediate struggles and thus on the struggle against the obstacle, but also on the positivity of the world which we wish to construct, on the values which we wish to promote. This is not a dialectic. In any event, not a dialectic like that glorious and painful one which presides over the sociological class struggle - a rhetoric arising more out of confusion than of science.

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