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Progress in Discovery Science: Final Report of the Japanese Dicsovery Science Project

This ebook files the clinical end result and constitutes the ultimate document of the japanese reseach undertaking on discovery technology. in the course of 3 years greater than 60 scientists participated within the venture and constructed a wealth of recent equipment for wisdom discovery and knowledge mining. The fifty two revised complete papers provided have been conscientiously reviewed and span the total variety of information discovery from logical foundations and inductive reasoning to statistical inference and computational studying.

Nachhaltigkeit und Gerechtigkeit: Grundlagen und schulpraktische Konsequenzen

Problemfelder wie der Klimawandel, der Rückgang der Artenvielfalt und das Schwinden der Vorräte fossiler Energieträger stellen die Menschheit vor hochkomplexe Herausforderungen. Für eine angemessene Reaktion ist nicht nur ein erhebliches Sachwissen erforderlich, sondern auch die Fähigkeit, dies mit Blick auf die Erfordernisse einer nachhaltigen und im generationenübergreifenden Maßstab gerechten Entwicklung in wirksames Handeln umzusetzen.

On the Relation Between Science and Religion

George Combe (1788-1858) rose from humble origins to travel broadly in Europe and the USA lecturing on phrenology, the preferred Victorian trust that personality qualities have been decided via the configuration of the cranium. His most famed e-book, The structure of guy, released in 1828, recommend a naturalist time table and offered nearly 350,000 copies.

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Significant environmental concerns are surfacing regarding the disposal of certain materials used in dentistry, especially mercury. Efforts are also being made to develop an anticaries vaccine. However, even if developed, the widespread use of such an agent may not occur in the foreseeable future in the United States because of the already documented caries reduction from multiple fluoride use, limitations imposed by regulatory agencies, and concern about possible side effects . Whereas the use of such an agent in developing countries may provide greater immediate benefits, its use in the United States may be confined to high-risk patients.

The remaining constituents of tooth enamel are an organic content of about 1% to 2% and a water content of about 4% by weight; these total approximately 6% by volume. Structurally, enamel is composed of millions of enamel rods or prisms, which are the largest structural components, as well as rod sheaths and a cementing inter-rod substance in some areas. Inter-rod substance, or sheath, may be the increased spacing between crystallites oriented differently to where the "tail" portion of one rod meets the "head" portion of another.

These craze lines usually are not clinically significant unless associated with cracks in the underlying dentin. Dentin is not as prone to cleavage as is the enamel rod structure. The tensile strength of dentin is approximately 40 MPa (6000 PSI), which is less than cortical bone and approximately one half that of enamel. The compressive strength of dentin is much higher-266 MPa (40,000 PSI). During tooth preparation, dentin is usually distinguished from enamel by: (1) color, (2) reflectance, (3) hardness, and (4) sound.

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