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By Abdul Said, Mohammed Abu-nimer, Meena Sharify-funk

This booklet offers a counterweight to the existing evaluations of Islamic inspiration as conservative and static with a choice for violence over discussion. It gathers jointly a suite of eminent students from worldwide who take on concerns resembling highbrow pluralism, gender, the ethics of political participation, human rights, non-violence and non secular concord. This ebook presents a revolutionary outlook for Islam's function in modern politics and society.

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Does Islam grant equal rights to all human beings at the universal level, regardless of their religion, or only to the co-believers? The perception of the non-Muslim public is divided on this question. The Other expects Muslims to offer assurances of inviolability from the perspective of Islam. But why cannot they get it? Like the broader world community, the Muslim community is also anxious to know whether the West accepts the inviolability of the Other. They expect a clear, unanimous and permanent assurance from the Western countries about their inviolability.

It is clear, then, that the Muslims in the past knew how to interact with others who had been both similar to and different from their faith and their expectations of life and history. They had been guided by the strong belief of the conformation rather than denunciation, the belief of sharing rather than the belief of staring. Furthermore, they knew how to appreciate the different opinions amongst themselves while keeping in mind the same direction towards the glory of the Islamic civilization as a common achievement of the whole Ummah, Muslim community.

Those who enjoy more power are the ones who decide where the borders should be drawn and how the terms of relationship should be defined. The same is true for the internal cleavages in a society concerning the approach to the Other. Neither side (the Self and the Other) is united. 1 illustrates, the cleavage between the universalists and the communalists divides both the Self and the Other. Although they belong to different societies, the universalists from both sides constitute a single group because they share the same universalistic values in their approach to the Other.

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