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By Adam Thierer, Visit Amazon's Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.,

A debate at the idea of highbrow estate, the evolution of copyright and patent legislations, and using know-how to guard highbrow estate. a tremendous ebook on state-of-the-art matters.

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The risks of simple ignorance, already too evident in copyright and patent policy, pale beside the risks of not knowing the limits of our knowledge. Notes 1. Paul Recer, ‘‘Scientists Say Universe Is a Pale Green,’’ Associated Press, January 10, 2002 (emphasis added). They arrived at this color by averaging all the colors from the light of 200,000 galaxies. 2. See, for example, Friedrich A. Hayek, Individualism and Economic Order (Chicago: University of Chicago Press: 1948), pp. 77–78. Hayek explains that the knowledge essential for central planning does not exist in concentrated form.

47 Perhaps the same would hold true of subject matter now covered by copyrights or patents were their protections removed. As set forth above, we cannot count on lawmakers to resolve such questions—or even to have much resolve in asking them. The problem of encouraging the creation and distribution of original expressions and novel inventions thus mirrors other difficult problems of social coordination; in no such case can we expect a central political authority to have the information and incentives necessary to identify and implement an efficient public policy.

Interpreting and commenting on Locke is itself an industry and raises endless problems and complexities. However, the core idea 24 Defending Intellectual Property seems indisputable. After all, if you do not own the product of your labor, then who does? Only in slave systems do people lose this basic right. On examination, the disputes over Locke always seem to come down to the extent of the ownership right, not to whether it exists at all. Economics Economic arguments contain several subthemes: ● Incentives—people work hardest and produce the most when they produce for themselves.

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