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By Victor A. Tcherikover; Alexander Fuks; Menahem Stern; David M. Lewis

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Illiterate. 1. epfir)vela. The Greek version of Latin documents (ippyvela t w 'Pw/zcukwv) is sometimes men­ tioned in the papyri. , P. Oxy. 2231. D. 241); ibid. 2276. ; B G U 326 — M. Chr. 316 = S P 8 5 ; cf. also Winter, Life and Letters in the papyri, 32. 2. 'The manumittors were either a man and his half-sister . ). In the first case we have to restore (AvprjXios . ) and refer to him the city office of Oxyrhynchos mentioned in this line (the name of the office is lost; it might have been the office of a yvuvaoidpxqs, Koonrjrrjs, or the like).

Bell, JEA xiii, 1927, 95. Ljungvik, Beitrdge zur Syntax der spdtgriechischen Volkssprache, 7 1 , 82 sq. Henne, Liste des strateges des nomes egyptiens, 10, 60. Frisk, Eranos, xxxviii, 1940, 43 sqq. Barns, Chr. d'£g. xxiv, 1949, 305. Taubenschlag , 457 n. 163, 458 n. 170, 541 n. 27. Youtie, Eos, xlviii, Fasc. 1 , 1956, 38r. 2 Isakous, daughter of Herakleides, complains of a theft of corn in the threshingfloor belonging to her late husband Apion in the 8r) poena e'Sa^ry of Theadelpheia (cf. Frisk, loc.

32 S E C T I O N X I I : NOS. 4 5 1 - 4 8 0 Col. I l l 7 IJaa[^oJs ... ) (Col. ii, 3) Paabos son of Abramos, t a x on state farmers, . , artabai of wheat. (Col. iii, 7 ) Paabos . . No. 472. Receipts for delivery of crops to the granary Receipts given by the granary of the village Euhemereia in the Fayum to an Egyp­ tian peasant testifying the payment of the tax in kind from the crops of the year. The load is brought from the threshing-floor to the granary by two donkey-drivers (cf. T. Kalen, Berl.

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