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10 Fig. 10 Base and wall fragment. Cream, reasonably well-washed clay. Surfacescreamto brownish-tan. Fragment of base and lower wall. , Dia. of base toward edge. Surfaces same color as outer clay. 0 cm. Medium manufacture. , Dia. 0 cm. Class 5 This base is very slightly raisedin the center, but does not have a real ring. 9 on Tue, 27 Oct 2015 18:52:06 UTC All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions 48 outwardforminga bowl or very broad-bodiedjar distinguishedby a thin outward and downward taperingprojection.

Lower part, black near rim. Outer surfacebrownblack. , Dia. 0 cm. 36 Fig. 9 32 Fig. 9 Rim fragment. Brownish-orange, granularclay. Inner surface orange-brown. Outer surface inFragmentof rim and wall. Reddish-brown, MPH crusted. Medium manufacture. , granularclay with stone particlesof variouscolors. Dia. 0 cm. Inner surface orange. Outer surface brown to black. Mediummanufacture. , Dia. 0 cm. Class 15 One example of this type was found in the deposit. Its rim is tilted outwardand is straight Rim, neck and wall fragment.

Class 1 Surface cream-tan. Medium manufacture. , Dia. 0 cm. vessel. Probably it is a lid, but it also could belong to some variety of plate form. Its distinguishing characteristicis its flat, thin rim. The Class 2 piece has been exposed to fire. A close parallel is furnishedby 70 from V-D. A similarlid-plate These are examples of lids of a larger diameter, with a thicker rim was found in PD (PD Lidpresumably designed for covering pans and similar Plates, Class 1 infra, p. 100). vessels. 55 seems to have been the knob handle for one of these wide lids.

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