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Download Creature Collection 1: Core Rulebook (Sword and Sorcery) by S&S Staff, Guy Davis, Ron Spencer, Steve Ellis PDF

By S&S Staff, Guy Davis, Ron Spencer, Steve Ellis

CREATURE assortment the following There Be MONSTERS! From the terrible Wrack Dragons to the intoxicating Brewer Gnomes, from the collossal Mithril Golem to the tiny Bottle Imp; here's a host of latest creatures to be used on your third version crusade. suitable WITH third variation ideas. Sword and Sorcery books are released lower than the Open Gaming License and are a hundred% suitable with third version ideas and the D20 approach. it is a hardcover booklet with over two hundred fresh monsters that upload precise demanding situations in your third version crusade. this can be a 224 web page hardcover middle rulebook to be had as quickly as October 6, 2000!

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5 ft. Finishing blow Undead Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +1 Str 16, Dex 10, Con —, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 11 Climb +7, Intimidate +10, Intuit Direction +3, Jump +5, Listen +5, Ride +9, Search +5, Spot +11 Armor Proficiency (Medium) Any land Solitary, fist (4-6), company (20-50) 2 Standard Usually chaotic evil 4-10 HD (Medium-size) Description A good soldier never stops fighting, even after he's dead. The god Chardun, the Great General, awarded distinguished soldiers and units the gift to carry on their wars after death.

Many drown long before the monitor's claws and teeth finish them. After several kills, the skeletons and equipment of the monitors' victims often serve to lure even more victims into reach. In a chilling display of intelligence, some of these creatures have even learned to carry small pieces of gold or jewelry and deposit them at the edge of their pools, just close enough to tempt a curious — or greedy — creature. Combat The dire monitor remains deathly still until the moment of attack, nearly always catching its prey by surprise.

Even humans eat crescent elk if they can catch them; the meat is nutritious and filling, if somewhat bitter. The animals have an impressive sense of balance and can navigate steep slopes as can mountain goats. A few nomadic tribes of elves in the southern reaches of the grasslands becoming better known as Virduk's Promise have actually managed to domesticate crescent elks, using them as pack animals and mounts. Crescent elk bulls can support up to 180 pounds without losing much of their agility.

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