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By Klaus Ley (Eds.)

Current subject matters in Membranes presents a scientific, accomplished, and rigorous method of particular subject matters suitable to the learn of mobile membranes. This quantity presents a overview of the newest developments in leucocyte adhesion. rules of mobilephone adhesion is critical for immune method functionality.


  • Contributions from major specialists within the field
  • Reviews the newest developments
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    Note that this value is substantially smaller than drag coefficients determined for red blood cells, even greater than the 20-fold difference in effective viscosities that has been reported. Thus, even though the threshold force for tether formation is similar for leukocytes and red blood cells, the dynamic resistance to tether formation from both neutrophils and T-lymphocytes is substantially less that for red cells. Interestingly, the value is remarkably close to that determined for pure bilayer membranes containing cholesterol.

    For small Ut, Brochard-Wyart et al. successfully predicted that Ft 6¼ 0, but their equation cannot be applied when Ut is negative. This is because, according to their model, Ut ¼ 0 when F ¼ 0, which is not true because an extracted tether shortens back to the cell body once F is removed (Girdhar & Shao, 2007). 38 Jin-Yu Shao Recently, a new constitutive equation for membrane tether extraction was proposed in the form of (Chen, 2008) F ¼ aðUt À U0 Þb ; ð4Þ where U0 is the tether velocity when F ¼ 0.

    Nature, 423(6936), 190–193. , & Hochmuth, R. M. (1992). A sensitive measure of surface stress in the resting neutrophil. Biophysical Journal, 61, 1664–1670. , Dayton, P. , & Heinrich, V. (2009). Versatile horizontal force probe for mechanical tests on pipette-held cells, particles, and membrane capsules. Biophysical Journal, 96(3), 1218–1231. Park, E. , Smith, M. , Stropp, E. , Snapp, K. , DiVietro, J. , Walker, W. , et al. (2002). Comparison of PSGL-1 microbead and neutrophil rolling: microvillus elongation stabilizes P-selectin bond clusters.

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