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By F. Wesley Schneider

The civil unrest in Korvosa has been handled, purely to get replaced by way of a much more lethal and insidious probability. A bad sickness that leaves its lifeless deformed and faceless sweeps in the course of the streets of Korvosa, dying borne at the wind and steeped within the stones. Mass graves crowd the outer partitions and plague medical professionals stalk the streets in a determined try to hinder the disorder from spreading, but is there whatever extra to the plague than meets the attention? This quantity includes supplementary ideas for dealing with large-scale city mess ups, akin to plagues and famines, and likewise provides a close exploration of Abadar, the god of towns and wealth. numerous new monsters linked to disorder and ailment around out the bestiary.

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In his late 50s, Ausio dares not try to face the invaders above. He brandishes a dull paint knife at the PCs when they enter, trying his best not to shake too obviously. His initial attitude is unfriendly—if he can be made at least friendly he relates what he knows—little more than, “We were greeting the Westerkiers when a stranger burst in, quite uninvited, dressed as something of a harlot-harlequin. She opened fire on my guests with her crossbow, laughing all the while in the most frightful, shrill way.

Girrigz flasks of alchemist’s fire, a masterwork longsword, and a masterwork suit of chainmail. In addition to the cracked wall there, a DC 20 Search of Girrigz’s nest also turns up four potions of cure moderate wounds, a masterwork silver dagger, and an eversmoking bottle. Eries’s Revelation After putting down Girrigz’s revolution, Eries Yelloweyes returns to the PCs to thank them for their help and to give them the information she promised them. Fortune has it that several sewer tunnels empty into the Jeggare River below the Wall of Eodred.

While the bow sunk in a way that allows explorers easy access to any of its levels, the stern cleaved to the rocks it fell upon, limiting entrance to its lower decks. Upon the stern section’s upper deck, the 10-foot-square main hatch and a covered ladder lead to the berth below. Both swelled shut, the heavy main hatch requiring a DC 26 Strength check to move and the trap door covering the ladder requiring a DC 23 Strength check to open. The trebuchet stone that struck the ship its killing blow also punched a sizable hole into the Direption.

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