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By Tom Deitz

Publish yr note: First released in 1989


There are circles inside circles, lands of magic and beauty that comment on our personal. yet now battle is at the horizon within the mystical realm of the Sidhe—a brutal conflict of Faery opposed to Faery that threatens to go mystery barriers into the unsuspecting international of mortal men.

Once extra younger David Sullivan has been known as upon to do the bidding of Lugh Samildinach, Lord of Tir-Nan-Og. including 3 friends—one white, one pink, and one immortal—David embarks on an outstanding trip via a deadly country of brittle brightness. yet grim betrayal lies within the course in their quest for peace within the Otherworlds. And an inescapable doom within the terrifying judgment of Uktena, the nice and hideous serpent....

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I remembered that the ogres couldn't revive Mother. The horses were again whipped to a gallop. But the ogres would be beyond the sheep in a minute and we'd be at their mercy again. I shouted to Hattie and Olive and to the coachman and footmen. " The coachman understood first and joined my voice with his, shouting words I'd never heard before. Then Hattie began. "Eat me last! " she shrieked. But it was Olive who saved us. Her wordless roar drowned out thought. I don't know how she drew breath; the sound was unending.

Hattie sat on the bed we were all to share. She lifted her feet. "Kneel down and take my slippers off for me, Ella. " Without comment I removed them. My nose filled with the ripe smell of her feet. I carried the slippers to the window and tossed them out. Hattie yawned. "You've only made extra work for yourself. " Olive rushed to the window. " I had to carry the stinking slippers back to our room, but Hattie had to wear them until she was able to get fresh ones from her trunk. After that, she thought more carefully about her commands.

More gnomes came, and we were surrounded. " zhatapH asked. " "Ella spoke to him," Char said, sounding proud of me. " I hesitated. It was one thing to imitate parrots for Simon or to speak to a baby. It was another to sound like a fool in front of this stately lady. ",fwthchor evtoogh brzzay eerth ymmadboech evtoogh brzzaY" I said finally. "No wonder he came with you," zhatapH said. fraecH" zhulpH cried joyously. He squirmed in her arms. A younger gnome woman took the child. " she asked. " I explained about the parrots.

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