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He does not, however, account for the use of the materials on the Ammonite Wars in chs. 32 Similarly, his theory does not account for the origin of the narrative on the David-Bathsheba-Uriah incident and how it was incorporated into the narrative as a whole. These latter points will be explored throughout the remainder of this book. 2. 34 The fact that so many differing schemata can be proposed, each highlighting a different aspect of 10-12, which is supposedly developed in the remainder of the work, suggests the lack of any such unifying motif in the original materials.

In the same manner, however, the very areas of dissimilarities find common expression in 2 Samuel 2-4 and 13-20. Therefore, the data suggest that 2 Samuel 10-12 should be treated as a separate unit from the other sections. 4. 1-15a We now turn our attention to the argument that the unity of the TSN is based on the fact that chs. 93 Those who maintain this position do so while arguing that the first two oracles in vv. 7b-12 are most probably secondary to the text (these texts will be discussed in detail below, see Chapter 4§4).

1. 3, where Bathsheba is identified as the 'daughter of Eliam'. 34 as the son of Ahithophel the Gilonite. The question arises as to whether these are the same individuals. If they are, the question arises why Ahithophel, Bathsheba's grandfather, would support Absalom,115 her child's rival to the throne. 116 Given the general consensus that the 'exact chronological sequence [of events in the reign of David] eludes us',117 one is surprised by the rigid adherence to the ordering of the events in 2 Samuel 9-20 for the retelling of the history.

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