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Page 25 Field Electron Emission from Diamond-Like Carbon Films A. V. Karabutov, V. I. Konov, V. G. Ralchenko,* E. D. Obraztsova, V. D. Frolov, S. A. Uglov and M. S. Nunuparov General Physics Institute Russian Academy of Sciences ul. -J. Scheibe Fraunhofer-Institut Dresden, Germany V. E. Strelnitskij Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology Kharkov, Ukraine V. I. Polyakov and N. M. Rossukanyi Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics Moscow, Russia ABSTRACT: A comparative study of field electron emission properties of different diamond-like carbon films is reported.

G. Naumovets, N. V. Novikov, V. D. Andrevv, T. A. Nachalnaya and V. A. Semenovich 38 UV-Sensors from Diamond-Like Carbon Films E. I. Tochitsky, N. M. Beliavsky, O. G. Sviridovitch, S. D. Lopatin and I. V. Dudartchik 46 Page vi Diamond-Like Film-Porous Silicon Systems: New Approach for Optoelectronic Devices Fabrication YU. P. Pirayatinskii, V. A. Semenovich, N. I. Klyui and A. G. Rozhin 51 Photovoltaic Cells with CVD Diamond Films: Correlation between DLTS Spectra and Photoresponse Kinetics P. I.

This configuration can be achieved in diamond because polycrystalline diamond films (PDF) piezoresistors can be directly patterned on undoped diamond diaphragms. There are two advantages in using PDF as diaphragm material. First, PDF is chemically inert and can serve as an etch-stop with large etching time tolerance. Second, PDF can be deposited with control by adjusting deposition time and other growth parameters resulting in selectability of diaphragm thickness. Therefore, the full-scale pressure range can be varied with PDF as diaphragm material.

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