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By Konrad Bloch (auth.), Cesare Sirtori, Giorgio Ricci, Sergio Gorini (eds.)

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8: 670-679, 1960. Middleton, C. , Clarkson, T. , Lofland, H. , and Prichard, R. W. Atherosclerosis in the squirrel monkey. Arch. Patho1. 78: 16-23, 1964. Clarkson, T. - Spontaneous atherosclerosis in subhuman primates. In Comparative Atherosclerosis, Roberts, J. C. , and Cooper, M. , eds. Harper and Row, New York, 1965, pp 211-214. Strong, J. P. Arterial lesions in primates. In Comparative Atherosclerosis, Roberts, J. C. , and Cooper, M. , eds. Harper and Row, New York, 1965, pp 244-252. Malinow, M.

Our studies indicate that although moderate exercise had no effect on plasma cholesterol, it was capable of reversing aortic atherosclerosis in cockerels induced by and maintained on a high cholesterol diet. The decrease in aortic 33 H. Y. C. WONG ET AL. 9) may be partially explained by the decrease in C/E ratio. It is generally accepted that exercise results in reduced plasma cholesterol and lower incidence and severity of aortic and coronary atherosclerosis of cholesterol fed animals when compared to non-exercised sedentary groups.

1 and 2). The atherogenic fed cockerels evidenced marked increase of lipid deposition on the intima, while a similar group on the same diet which was exercised, little if any aortic atherosclerosis was observed (Fig. 3 and 4). No coronary lesions were observed in any of the control groups (Fig. 5 and 6). Cockerels on an atherogenic regimen showed coronary atherosclerosis (Fig. 7) while a similar exercised group on the same diet, little if any, coronary lesions were observed (Fig. 7 and 8). Table IV indicated that the heart weights were not significantly different for cockerels on plain mash or on an atherogenic regimen before the experiment began.

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