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By Bertram Pitt (auth.), Andrew J. Buda M.D., Edward J. Delp Ph.D. (eds.)

`Edited by way of a physician of drugs and a physician of technology, this e-book has a multidisciplinary technique that's aimed to be of curiosity to either medical professionals and scientists alike. it may entice either cardiologists and scientists who desire to replace themselves at the newest advances within the many cardiac imaging innovations now available.'
Mark J. Monaghan

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There has been a great deal of work in the area of portable image processing software, however, this author believes that as the hardware configurations of cardiac imaging systems get more complicated, the goal of portability will become more difficult to meet. e. the user could run this software on 'any' hardware and the software would exploit all the properties of the given hardware system. The use of hardware transparent software systems in cardiac imaging systems will not appear for about five years but there is a potential of some very powerful software being available to address some of the difficult issues in cardiac imaging.

Several correction algorithms have been proposed. One approach uses a preinjection scan with an external source in order to reconstruct an attenuation map of the subject much like conventional X-ray CT. An advantage to using the external isotope source is that the reconstructed attenuation map is appropriate for the monoenergetic isotope source and does not contain beam hardening artifacts present in conventional CT. The computed reconstruction of attenuation is used to correct projections for the patient scan following isotope injection.

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