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That, he declared, was more than an administrative action, and such matters ought to be decided by the House. The amendment was negatived by 278 votes to 105, on a party vote. 3 Labour Members cross-voted to support the amendment. Labour Members to vote for the amendment: Foot, M. Medland, H. M. Middleton, Mrs L. HC Deb. 437, 1409-12. (1946-7. No. 206) ' Medland was out of the Chamber when the amendment was moved. COCOA PRICES ORDER (1947) 14 May 1947 [29] PRAYER (Opposition-backbench) F. J. , Altrincham and Sale) moved: 'That the Raw Cocoa (Control and Maximum Prices) (Amendment) Order, 1947 (S.

51) • Carmichael had been admitted to membership of the Labour Party on 26 November 1947. After Hughes' amendment had been negatived, a further amendment to the Motion was moved, to reduce the annual provision for Princess Elizabeth from £25,000 to £5000. Labour Members were allowed a free vote, and the amendment was negatived by 291 votes to 165, the majority of voting Labour Members supporting the amendment. See HC Deb. 445, 1783-8. PRINCESS ELIZABETH'S AND THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH'S ANNUITIES BILL (I 948) [42] Second Reading: 20 January 1948 Bill to give effect to the Resolution approved by the House on 17 December 1947 (see Division 41) The 1945 Parliament 41 The Chancellor of the Exchequer, SirS.

Edwards, A. Grenfell, D. R. * HC Deb. 443, 1459-62. (1947-8. No. 10) BURMA INDEPENDENCE BILL ( 194 7) [40] Second Reading: 5 November 1947 The Prime Minister, C. R. Attlee, moved the Second Reading of the Bill. The purpose of the Bill, he explained, was to give effect to the will of the people of Burma as expressed by their elected representatives that their country should become an independent State, cease to be a member of the Commonwealth, and no longer form part of the King's Dominions. ' The Bill would close one chapter of the relations between the people of the United Kingdom and the people of Burma, and would open another.

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