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By Dennis L. McKiernan

One thousand years prior to the wintry weather battle, Elgo, prince of the Vanadurin, killed the Dragon Sleeth and back domestic with the impressive wealth from the useless beast's lair. yet there has been extra within the bounty than gemstones and gold, for the treasure used to be cursed, and in time it introduced demise to noble and peasant, conflict among guy and Dwarf, strife and destruction past reckoning.

Now, generations later, because the clash keeps, the good Dragon Black Kalgalath, in league with the Wizard Andrak, appears to be like to avenge Sleeth's dying and declare the Dragon-cursed hoard. by contrast unholy alliance, sworn enemies set forth to discover a mythical long-lost weapon: a warhammer of incalculable energy that could be the one desire of victory. yet neither the Warrior Maiden Elyn nor the Dwarf Thork is ready for the risks expecting them in this quest....

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